Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Rating System

So if many you have noticed, I give letter grades for my reviews: A, A-, etc.

Besides the fact that it's just easier, it's actually a throwback to my time as an undergrad at Oberlin College. We had letter grades, but there were degrees of them.

So, we have the A grade: A+/A/A- Essentially, if a review has this, then you know it was very good or was very strong on the writing, performances, etc. I'm very particular, so a film would have to BRING IT on so many levels to get one of these grades. I don't give them out, but you'll see them here on occasion :)

B+/B/B- These are good films, decent acting, good writing, and the overall film was fine.

C+/C/C-: The film wasn't great, plot holes, spotty acting, just poorly executed in general. Now, before you say that only Hollywood films will get this rating (If you notice, there tends to be a more "indie" mindset here), i will give this rating to ANY film that is horrible.

NE: No Entry...:) basically, in undergrad, grades BELOW a C- were NOT counted nor acknowledged on official transcripts. No Entry means that your overall performance was lacking, beyond spotty, and just downright a mess.
For films, if a movie is SO shitty, so horribly acted, written, etc., you WILL see a No Entry.

So, there you go...not that any of you care..:)

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