Monday, August 20, 2007

Not A Film Post/Veronica Mars done good!!!!

But a very good detour...

120 Minutes

*Some of the videos that MTV played--when they played music. Artists as diverse as Liz Phair, Moby, Tori Amos, Orbit, Violent Femmes, etc. it's over 25 pages of videos and not all work, but TRUST ME, those of you who were "striking a beat to a different drummer" or just liked different kinds of music, will reminisce when you see these videos. And, they have "How Soon Is Now?" by The Smiths--I piddled!!!! ;)
*Courtesy of Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy (Thanks Whit!)

And, this IS a film blog, but there will be discussions around tv shows. You may see blogs about some of the more buzzed about tv shows: Bionic Woman, Gossip Girl, Pushing Dasies, Women's Murder Club, etc.

One of the BETTER shows to be on television, Veronica Mars was cut ridiculously SHORT. But it's star, Kristen Bell, is ON DEMAND. Being courted by several studios for film and tv work, she will be in a multiepisode arc on NBC'S HEROES. The Variety blurb about her:
Kristen Bell on HEROES:

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