Friday, June 6, 2008

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl-TV

Normally, I wouldn't post about a tv show here, since this blog is devoted to films. But, I had heard about this show through friends who'd seen it over in Britain last year or had seen it online.

After watching the entire series online, I was surprised to say that I'm hooked. And, I'm totally siked that Showtime is airing the entire first series starting 16 June 2008!!!!

Basic Premise: Based on the scandalous and steamy memoirs and blog of Belle De Jour, a notorious and famous British escort, Secret Diary Of A Call introduces us to Hannah Baxter, a brilliant, young, beautiful, and arrogant university grad who also moonlights as Belle, a high priced call girl in Britain.

British pop sensation Billie Piper (Rose from the revamped Dr. Who series and is in picture, opposite Iddo Goldberg-Ben in the series) is Hannah Baxter, Belle De Jour, and the series was quite popular on ITV2 in Britain. It was so popular that Series 3 (Season 3, for Americans) was greenlight for series BEFORE Series 2 started shooting last month. Talk about putting major hype behind a show!

But, I think it's worth it. It's not everyone's cup of tea (british humor isn't always picked up on by Americans and the graphic nudity and sex might be too much for many here), but its definitely worth a try.

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Trailer
(Click Link: courtesy of Youtube/Showtime/ITV2)


IAmATVJunkie said...

I've seen all of series one, it's very good, a quick, relatively light foray into the Belle/Hannah dichotomy, eight episodes were easily digested by me in one day.

I notice you bill her co-star as "Iddo Goldberg-Ben" but the "-Ben" doesn't appear in the credits or imdb.

What up?

Ryan Canty said...

iamatvjunkie: Iddo Goldberg is in the credits..his name is Benajmin and Hannah calls him Ben...

Ben is his name on the show.

But, its a good show I hope it can find a home over here in the US....and I'm impressed that Showtime will basically run the next two series once they are completed (showtime picked up the first series, and is going to show 12 more episodes of the show, which is all of Series 2 and half of Series 3, though showtime will probably air the other part of series 3 too).