Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Josh Brolin as W (Coming October 2008)

Here is a pic of Josh Brolin as George Dubya Bush, Oliver Stone's upcoming biopic on the nation's most controversial (and problematic) president to have ever lived...

I'm curious to see what Stone does with this. Let's face it--when he's on, Stone is ON: Platoon, Wall Street, Natural Born Killers. But, when he's off---he puts out ALEXANDER. Even with the added "gay" content in the director's dvd cut, the film still sucked of rusted, fermented, and centuries old, hairy baboon balls....

And, Stone is a hardcore, expecting a balanced and objective portrait of Dubya isn't going to work. But, the cast he assembled for this is no short of amazing, and I am expecting to see some powerful, and Oscar winnning performances coming the Academy Awards in 2009.

W will be in theatres 17 October 2008 (!!!!!). It's shooting now in Shrevport, Louisiana (!!!!!)

At this moment, no word has come on the casting of the pivotal Bush Administration Cabinet Member Dick "I 'Accidentally' Shoot People With Birdshot Pellets and Aid in the Outing of Intel-Giving, Top Notch Covert CIA Agents named Valerie Plame Because I Hate Her Husband Named Joseph C. Wilson IV" Cheney...

Then Again, would YOU want to play the most reviled man in U.S. to Dubya? Talk Amongst Yourselves...

Josh Brolin ... George W. Bush

Elizabeth Banks ... Laura Bush

Ioan Gruffudd ... Tony Blair

Thandie Newton ... Condoleezza Rice
Rob Corddry ... Ari Fleischer

Scott Glenn ... Donald Rumsfeld

Ellen Burstyn ... Barbara Bush

James Cromwell ... George Herbert Walker Bush

Jeffrey Wright ... General Colin Powell

Noah Wyle ... Don Evans (rumored)
Toby Jones ... Karl Rove

Michael Gaston ... General Tommy Franks

Paul Rae ... Kent Hance

James Martin Kelly ... NSC Official

Wes Chatham ... Jimmy Benedict

Jennifer Sipes ... Susie Evans

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