Thursday, November 29, 2007

Run, Don't Walk, To Movie Theatres 5 December 2007

I can't wait. JUNO will be in theatres: Ellen Page (Hard Candy, X-Men 3), Michael Cera (Superbad), Jennifer Garner (Alias, The Kingdom, Catch and Release), JK Simmons (OZ), Allison Janney (West Wing, The Hours), Jason Bateman (Arrested Development and The Kingdom)and Olivia Thirlby (United 93) are all starring in this film.
Jason Reitman (Thank You For Not Smoking) is directing, and it's written by up and coming screenwriter, Diablo Cody--who writes one of my favorite blogs, The Pussy Ranch (YES! If you've missed out on some hilarious and spot on blog writing, do yourself a favor, check out Cody's blog. You'll thank me later).
Wicked and intelligent dialogue, well drawn out characters, and a premise that is sure to make you think and laugh....I think I know where i'll be next Wednesday before work (if I go at all that night :))....

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